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Looking for OpenBrains!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

As a company, BlueTea, specializes in effective knowledge transfer where technology - such as AR and VR - is just a tool. The focus of BlueTea is always on solving a knowledge problem.

In cooperation with Keyport, Ruud visited many practical learning environments at various VMBO institutions in North and Central Limburg, spoke extensively with technology teachers and was enthused about the instructional possibilities of a physical process installation (the so-called process wall). Nevertheless, a number of challenges came up in the discussions with the subject teachers:

  • only a limited number of students can "train" at such a process wall

  • Such a process wall is sensitive to wear and tear

  • Updating the latest technologies is expensive

  • Working on the process wall is not without danger

  • A teacher or class assistant must always be present during "training

  • the process wall is only available during the opening hours of the school

Despite the good intentions and the intention to meet the needs of the market, the educational institutions are constantly criticized by the labor market for the quality of the practical knowledge (read: insufficient practical experience and not in line with current technology).

Coming from a simulation background, the idea then arose to create a virtual variant ("digital twin") of this learning tool to address the aforementioned challenges. Based on Game Based Learning, a digital learning tool could bridge the gap between practice-learning and practice-knowledge!

To do this, however, education (didactic process) must seek the connection with the market (actual work process) whereby the interests can be very diverse and even conflicting.

To sum up:

Ideas galore..., many stakeholders (schools, students, industry)..., everyone wants to participate.... but how do I - as BlueTea - find the greatest common denominator? How do I safeguard everyone's interests?

What is OpenBrains?

Open Brains believes in co-creation, the drivers behind innovation! Open Brains is an initiative of the Entrepreneurial Venlo, Keyport and Rabobank and to stimulate this co-creation they organize a weekly, digital innovation and brainstorming session where professionals, companies, startups or students get the chance to present their innovative idea to a multidisciplinary community. This forum consists of professionals in the fields of marketing, high-tech, agrofood, sustainability, business development and financial services, among others.

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