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BlueTea BV regularly looks for new employees with passion and talent who share our core values!

The development of virtual simulations is an organic process. For this reason, every team member is able to speak his or her mind, come up with solutions and approaches at all times. We involve all team members in the process of creating our vision for each project, from concept to completion. It is important to us that feedback from all team members is treated equally, and to make our games better with each iteration.


Creativity & Quality

We have a passion for games, and so do you! We infuse this passion in each of our projects by having an eye for details, improving user experience where possible and making products incredibly fun to play. We love it when you get excited about games or simulations you’ve played, and come up with new ways to enrich our projects.


Leveling up

Because game development involves many different professions, it is important for us to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry. Whether it’s an update to a tool we’re using, or completely new technology, we encourage all team members to be pro-active and aware of what is happening in their professional field.


Be flexible

We design and develop simulations for a wide variety of customers. Each customer has their own wishes and demands, and because of this, we have always kept a flexible attitude when it comes to creating something we haven’t done before. Whether it’s a new genre, or a new art style, our goal is to deliver the best user experience and highest possible quality.


Do you want to apply? Drop us a line, tell us what you're passionate about and we would love to hear from you!


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