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How to Implement Game-Based Learning in a Smart Classroom?

Edited by James Ko

Game-based learning (GBL) can allow learners to acquire and construct knowledge in a fun and focused learning atmosphere. A systematic literature review of 42 papers from 2010 to 2020 in this study showed that the current difficulties in implementing GBL in classrooms could be classified into the following categories: infrastructure, resources, theoretical guidance, teacher’s capabilities, and acceptance of GBL. In order to solve the above problems, the study constructs a technology-enhanced GBL model, from the four parts of learning objective, learning process, learning evaluation, and smart classroom. In addition, this study adopted the Delphi method, inviting a total of 29 scholars, experts, teachers, and school managers to explore how to implement GBL in smart classrooms. Finally, the technology-enhanced GBL model was validated and the utilization approaches were provided at the conclusion part.

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