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Studies show: Virtual reality accelerates the absorption of new learning material

Updated: Sep 7

BlueTea likes to keep up to date with developments in technology and education to make its training and simulations as effective as possible. A recent study by Sjoerd Renkers (Educational Advisor at Vak.Expert) on 360° Virtual Reality ( VR) shows that the medium is a powerful tool for education. For example, VR seems to be able to memorize and understand new information more easily and quickly than using video or text-based teaching materials.


The research revolves around the thesis that an emotional response to a stimulus contributes to a better and faster understanding of the subject matter. The greater the emotional response, the stronger the memory of the new information.

The study tested this statement by showing participants a video of a motorcycle ride through two different media. Half of the group watched the video in 360 degrees with a VR headset and the other group watched a 2D video. After a memory test, it turned out that the VR group performed twice as well as the group that had viewed the 2D video images.

Research underscores that virtual reality creates memories associated with the "autobiographical associative network". This means that many associations are made with memory, making retrieval easier and faster.


Research also shows that there are fewer distractions in a VR experience. This makes it possible to generate more engagement. Because the glasses are closed and the outside noise is blocked, the user is less distracted from his surroundings.

BlueTea is pleased that the research further supports its belief in the benefits of learning with Virtual Reality. Are you curious about what BlueTea can do for your company in the field of VR? Feel free to contact us. The coffee is ready!

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