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ITEC versus Virtual Worlds

Verleden week gaf Ruud Dullens een presentatie over ‘Creating Flexible Training Using Virtual Worlds’ op ITEC 2017. Voorafgaand aan zijn presentatie gaf hij een tipje van de sluier over dit onderwerp. Hieronder vind je zijn verhaal (engelstalig):

Can you give us a brief insight into the areas you will be covering?

Training, using simulation is always a co-operation between the training need and the expertise of the developer of the simulation technology. The simulation will be delivered as a one-off application where changes only can be applied via development specialists and the training developer only has limited options to tailor the training to the actual training need. But what if your training need changes during or after your simulation id delivered? In most cases, it is going to lead to extra cost for the changes required.

By using a revolutionary new approach for the development of training simulations this limitation in simulation development can easily be overcome!

In my brief, I will discuss the principle of flexible content delivery for simulated training environments and how to separate the 3D world from the actual content (the training scenario). By following these principles this, extremely flexible training can be deployed to any device and for any training need, even if this was not part of the initial training needs analysis. An additional advantage is that your 3D world will resemble the real world even more and the expertise for training creation can be limited to the expertise of the asset in the training.

What can delegates expect to take away from your session?

During my session, you will learn about the effectiveness of using simulated training environments in a flexible way. Even if used in small training environments e.g. part task training for engineers or familiarization training on a small asset or device.

If you are looking at the use of simulation for training technical personnel, deployment of this training device to any platform (mobile, desktop, web, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or any combination of platforms), want to be able to change the content of your simulation to constantly match the training need of your student after the simulation has been deployed and want to get your training as close to practice as possible.

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