• Ton Bongers

Build specialized data science learning paths

By empowering your data scientists of all levels to adapt their skills with the automation tools and machine learning techniques that are transforming their work, you'll see more engaged employees and unlock new business opportunities.

As you tailor data science training to present and future requirements, keep these tips in mind:

Connect each learning path to business outcomes:

When considering which data science proficiencies are needed, outline how each training path directly aligns to the company's goals. This helps secure buy-in from executive stakeholders. It also allows employees to see the direct connection between a technical skill set and a business outcome.

Create a skill-specific mentorship program:

To build engagement for a data science-specific training program, go a level deeper than the typical mentorship program and offer participants the chance to cultivate relationships with data science colleagues across the organization.

Offer regular social learning opportunities:

Whether it's through a monthly lunch and learn session or chat channels dedicated to each training path, learning from peers is an essential tool for increasing skill proficiency in a casual environment.

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