• Ton Bongers

BlueTea @BMW

Last week, Ton Bongers joined the inspiration trip organized by AutomotiveNL and Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM). The goal of the trip was to get a better image of the transition to emobility in Bavaria and to connect Dutch suppliers in the automotive market to German OEMs and tier-1 suppliers. On Wednesday, the day was filled with tours at UnternehmerTUM GmbH and BMW Group. E-Mobilitätscluster Regensburg, in collaboration with AutomotiveNL and BOM, organized an informal networking session at the Ratskeller in Regensburg, where each participant had the opportunity to pitch their company. The next day, the delegation spent the day at Continental Automotive addressing the topics e-mobility and Industrie 4.0. The delegation also participated in a tour through the Regensburg factory.

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