• Ton Bongers

Three reasons to prioritize learning in 2021

A strong learning culture empowers employees to upskill themselves in the face of change and continually grow their skills and adapt to new challenges.

However, in times of great change, learning is often one of the first things to be defunded and deprioritized because more shortsighted organizations view it as something that's just “nice to have.” In fact, 42% of survey respondents reported “lack of budget” as the biggest obstacle they faced in 2020.

Here are three compelling reasons you can use to make the case for learning and prove that it's not just an employee perk, but also business critical:

A learning culture is critical for keeping up with workplace transformation:

The workplace is changing so fast that many companies are struggling to keep up. Companies that treat learning as a strategic asset understand this and keep moving forward.

A learning culture can help close the skills gap:

Losing highly skilled employees can be a significant drain on company resources. Gallup estimates a 100-person company with average attrition rates spends between $660K–$2.6M on turnover and replacement.

A learning culture fuels innovation:

When upskilling is encouraged and available, employees are more likely to experiment and innovate. Case studies from companies like Accenture and DBS Bank have shown that learning powers curiosity and company performance.

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