• Ton Bongers

Put learning into the flow of (remote) work

Improving the data skills of your entire workforce will give your organization a competitive edge in 2021 and beyond (see: But if you're worried there's not enough time for employees to learn new data skills (or any skill, really), you're not alone. More than half of survey respondents (61%) say that lack of time prevents their teams from upskilling.

A proven way to overcome this challenge is to put learning into the flow of work — even if your workforce is remote. Here are some suggestions to get started:

Ask employees to create learning goals:

In addition to goals related to job performance and business impact, modern organizations are requiring individuals to set learning goals. This sends a message that learning is a priority and not ancillary to their role.

Set aside dedicated time for learning:

At BlueTea, employees have a dedicated morning blocked off each week to drop everything and learn. A similar practice at your organization will make it clear to your employees that learning at work is not only accepted, it's encouraged.

Provide access to online learning platforms and other learning experiences:

You may not have learning materials already created for what employees need to learn now. But by providing access to an online course catalog, you give learners the freedom to discover and set up their own learning pathways.

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