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Learning Returns versus Euro's

Updated: Nov 23

Do you know that 80% of employees find learning through games at work more enjoyable than traditional training methods? With many employees working from home and many feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, learning through games can be the "magic elixir" to your daily work vitamins. By tapping into the power of games, you can not only boost learning retention but also improve company culture. By applying gamification strategies and adding game elements (games, points, badges, leaderboards, competition, rewards, etc.), companies can accelerate learning, improve retention and foster a fun environment.

Knowing this, a crucial question still hangs over the market. What is the relationship between training costs and return on learning? In other words, what is the ROI? BlueTea doesn't have a suitable formula for that either, but we used our math knowledge to compare the financial costs of Game-Based Learning versus classroom training.

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