• Ton Bongers

BlueTea in Space?

In cooperation with the European Space Agency – ESA, the Ecsite Space Group cordially invites all interested participants to join the upcoming Space Group Annual Meeting hosted by the Columbus Earth Center in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, on 30-31 January 2019.

This exciting opportunity is aligned with the Space Group’s “Space for Life” theme for 2018 and the topic of the Group’s third pilot project, “Climate Change: Monitoring the Ocean and Atmosphere from Space”.

Participants can expect opportunities to connect with representatives of the European Space Agency, national space agencies and space industries, and a platform to share resources and updates with peers.

Of course Ruud Dullens, CEO of BlueTea can not be missed! His presentation (on Wednesday) offer an interactive and detailed look at some of the important issues facing the digital business of the future. Ruud uncover the latest innovations @BlueTea, get an update on emerging trends and create a complete picture for virtual simulations and serious games for de space industry.

About the Space Group:

The Space Group aims at improving and extending communication about space by helping specialised science centres and space professionals to work together with non-specialists and develop collaborative projects and events.

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