• Ton Bongers

SOS! Avoid technology-driven training ...

Is this contradictions in terms, BlueTea?

We don't think so, because our adage is: "in training issues, let the problem take center stage and not the technology".

When it comes to trends, people like to look at the prestigious trend barometer, the Gartner Hype Cycle.

Gartner researched this digital transformation last year and 87% of organizations said this is their top priority. In our field, you see that the quality and the number of providers of VR glasses, AR devices and XR solutions are increasing sharply, while the cost price is decreasing. On the one hand, BlueTea is pleased with this development because it also makes these disruptive technologies accessible to SMEs.


But there is also a danger! Technological developments can provide the necessary distraction, also called the “Shiny Object Syndrome”. The “SOS” effect can quickly weaken if the device proves insufficiently flexible, the infrastructure within the company is not suitable, if the learning content is not available or future proof, or if the employees do not want to adapt the new technology. Therefore: do not lose sight of the goal and always ask the question which knowledge problem you want to solve and which technology is best suited to it?

For an experience with a great impact, you could definitely use Virtual Reality. The scope is limited because the purchase, design and adaptation entail infrastructural challenges. Augmented Reality is more flexible in that respect, but has application considerations, while the control is no easy task for an average computer user. Finally, you see a strong rise of Mixed Reality, but in our eyes this technology is still too “one-sided”, so that a SAAS solution still belongs to the list of meaningful goals. The best technology is, of course, the one that best solves the problem. If the budget allows, a combination of these technologies will prevail.

Are you unsure about the right strategy? We would love to help you…

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